Our Story

Our story began in April 2012. Little Georgie had surgery and afterwards, mom and dad decided that Dad would care for little Georgie until he was ready to return to school. Little Georgie called Dad's care for him "Daddy Daycare." They shared many laughs, read books, played games, and sang songs. Dad was touched by the special time he and Georgie had together and wanted to create a project of some sort to serve as a reminder of this special time together.

What began as a private family project, began to grow into something greater. It was never the intention to sell books publicly. A family friend saw the book, and shared it with some friends. The requests began to pour in for book readings and for us to participate in book fairs.  As books began to sell, birth was given to Hope Life Media. We are excited to bring titles to children

At Hope Life we are passionate about publishing fun educational materials that will make an impact on society. We will also be launching a Religious / Inspirational line of books and products in Winter 2012. We hope you will support us as our story continue to unfold.


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