About HLM

At this time we are only publishing Children, Religious and Inspirational Books.

We specialize in advising and helping authors get their books to print in a professional manner. The self-publishing route is not right for everyone, however it is a popular and successful way of proceeding for many people.

Children Books


Little Georgie® is a fun loving little boy who enjoys life. He is a boy who is adventurous, creative and funny. Little Georgie is a thinker. He enjoys playing, singing, dancing and reading. He enjoys his close relationship with his dad and together they have many conversations. The author is excited by the response of the initial book "Sounds Animals Make." After several book readings to pre-k and kindergarten students, the author committed to making reading fun and excited for the young reader. Sounds Animals Make had the children shouting out the animal sounds and making facial expressions matching that of the main character Little Georgie. The author sincerely hope his contribution will help children get off to a enjoyable start to reading. The Little Georgie Pre-K Reader is currently in production and we hope to have it available winter 2012. The books are being designed to stimulate interest in learning through fun, the arts, sports and family. To date most books have been published in paperback or eBooks.

Religious and Inspirational Books


We are committed to publishing quality books that will help bring integrity to the publishing world. We will not compromise core Christian beliefs for any amount of profit. We publish Inspirational, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, devotionals, and youth books at an affordable cost.